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Makeup for Unicorns

(Available on MUR website, and Superdrug for £4)

When a brand combines three of my favourite things, it’s almost certainly going to be a resounding success in my eyes and whilst browsing Makeup Revolution – a label celebrated for it’s vast range of trendy products at pocket-money prices – a few of their products roused a great deal of excitement from me. Their Unicorn inspired collection of eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and brushes feature some bold and unusual shades and a healthy dose of glitter. I’m usually one to hold off of wearing any sort of exotic colour on my eyes in favour of a very bright lip, but with palettes costing as little as a Starbucks I couldn’t resist picking a few up.


Available from MUR site, or Superdrug

The palettes I picked up are wonderfully named ‘Unicorns are Real’, ‘Mermaids vs Unicorns” and a selection of 18 eyeshadows in a palette named ‘Unicorns Unite’.

Unicorns are real. End of sentence; no, I joke… the Unicorns are Real palette offers a selection of 12 colours ranging from some beautifully subtle yet shimmery highlighter type shades, a bright blue and some violet, pink and browns. The bright blue is that typically 80’s blue and as much as I would never wear it, it’s a truly delightful colour. This is a great palette perfect for creating a base with the lighter shades and then using the bolder colours as an accent. Mermaids vs Unicorns is a real winner for me – the navy shade (third in from the right) is stunning! The shadows in this palette are less glittery than the ones in Unicorns are Real are provide a more subtle shimmer, leading to the end result feeling a little more sophisticated despite the bright and playful turquoises. The turquoise shades, I’m guessing these are the mermaid shades, are some of my favourite colours – I have no real intention to wear the bright greens, but the navy shades and the glittery intensity of the black will get a lot of use from me.

Unicorns Unicorns features by the far the most wearable shades from all of the palettes. The case for this feels a little more luxurious than the other two, and incudes a handy lil mirror in the lid. There are 6 matte shades, 10 shimmer shades and two glitter shades – the black shadow has gold glitter, its super duper pretty. The shimmer shades feature some gorgeous jewel tones and a beautiful peach shade that I cannot wait to use!

Next, I picked up a few of the lipsticks from the Unicorn selection. Now, I admit that these colours are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I do love an unusual lip colour and at £1 a pop, I feel it’s worth having them even if all they do is look pretty on my dressing table. All three are metallic shades, and in varying degrees of subtlety. I found these shades a little disappointing, the darker purple looks amazing in the tube, but on the lips provide a very sheer coverage that often is a little patchy. Surprisingly, the green shade is my favourite, the colour pay off is fuller than the other two and is the least patchy of them all. The lipsticks feel a little plasticy when you first try and apply them, but when they warm up and you wear off the outer layer (is that what it is?!) they apply considerably more easily. Nice to have in the collection, but the pay off from these lipsticks is a bit underwhelming. Maybe it’s just me – I do love a very strong lip colour.


Last but not least we have the Unicorns Unite brush set – a selection including a blusher brush, a fluffy eyeshadow brush and an angled brush that would be useful for lipstick, eyeshadow crease or filling in eyebrows – all in miniature form. I am pleasantly surprised by these brushes, not to mention the fact the handles are gorgeous. The bristles are quite firm, which is nice for getting a solid colour payoff, and with a light hand can be used to bend easily.

All in all, the Unicorn range from Makeup Revolution has some real hidden gems. For the sake of a few pounds, if you’re wanting to experiment with some colours that you might be unsure about, the palettes might be the way to go – it’s not a huge investment if you don’t like the look they offer. If you’re looking to add a few unusual shades to your makeup collection without spending a fortune, all in all, you can’t really go wrong with this playful, vibrant collection for such affordable prices.

Above image features:

Top left palette –Unicorns are Real £4

Bottom left palette – Mermaid vs Unicorns £4

Lipsticks from L-R – MagicalThrone and Horn of Magic, all £1

Unicorns Unite palette available from MUR website or Superdrug, for £6

Unicorns Unite brushes, available from MUR website or Superdrug, for £5

Spectrum brushes are featured in this image, available from their website.

‘Unicorns Are Real’ coin purse, from New Look for £3.99

‘One Day I Will Be A Unicorn’ makeup bag, from New Look for £2.99

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