Made From Real Unicorn Hair | Spectrum Brushes Review


There was once upon a time* when I was at college, with me little pots of Barry M Dazzle Dusts (You know what I’m talking about girllll), and because I was way ahead of the curve, I decided that my makeup applied better with my beautiful paint brushes that I had for  my course. I didn’t really know that you were supposed to use brushes anyway, but as a 15 year old, I thought I was being pretty innovative.

*Have you noticed how all of my posts have a little anecdote, I’m like you Nan aren’t I? Awh.

Anyway, any makeup artist, Youtuber or eyeshadow enthusiast will tell you that the tools you use are the secret to a seamless finish. A far cry from the paint brushes I used to use, when looking for brushes, I consider everything from affordability, bristle softness, and aesthetics – you want a brush to obviously be good quality with£out breaking the bank, and more often than you want it to look great on your dressing table.

Spectrum are a brand that covers all of those bases, and then some. With individual brush prices starting at just £3.99 and finishing at £9.99 you could not ask for prettier or more effective brushes. What’s also handy, is that even if you’re  newbie to the brush world, they’re labelled on the website for their uses so, minimal confusion. Yay.

The brushes are heavy enough to feel comfortable and controlled in the hand and my goodness me are they fluffy, I mean damn, they are bunny rabbit soft – and also vegan. I have almost 10 of their beautiful brushes now and they are honestly a staple in my collection. I keep one clean, just for blending the edges of my shadow.

Their entire range is to die for, with beautiful iridescent details, and ranges including marbled handles with rose gold ferrules.

I honestly cannot think of more gloriously gorgeous brushes, and at around about a fiver a go, could you ask for more?

I could not.