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When I was a teenager, I used to mooch off into town and spend my Saturday afternoon browsing the isles of Boots and Superdrug and when supermarkets started offering their own brand makeup ranges, I used any excuse to go to Adsa with my Mum. These were the days when we had dial up internet, couldn’t use the phone at the same time as being online and eBay was barely even a thing.

Cool story bro, get back to your slippers – I know, but my point is this – “beauty” is far more accessible to us than it was ever before. And ain’t it grand! There’s a wonderful community available to everyone regardless of race, religion, politics, age or gender that actively participates in making this industry more enjoyable, more personal and more inspirational than ever before.

The products that we have available to us now are a far cry from my 10-pot collection of rainbow Barry M pots that I had when I was 16, and the industry is all the better for it. The vast range of colours, textures, finishes and tools available to us has given us the freedom to transform ourselves day in and day without even having to leave our bedroom. How liberating is it that any single one of us can be day dreaming about having rainbow eyebrows and glitter lips and we can pop onto ASOS and the next day we can create our new chameleon skin.

What was once an industry restricted to stuffy, old fashioned counters in high end department stores or to cheap, teenage-aimed drugstore brands is now an industry that is thriving now more than ever before, and what’s best is that it’s all at your fingertips.


Feel Unique – Beauty product heaven, it has everything. Literally everything.

They stock tens of thousands of products, you can save a favourite brand and you get 10% off. My wishlist is 150 items long… Not sure what else to say, aside from that if there’s something you want – it will be on here.

Fragrance Direct – Super crazy cheap drugstore brands

Fragrance Direct is like Boots had a 70% sale, all year round. It’s incredibly cheap, and the products are perfectly good. They stock all your high street faves like Maybelline, Rimmel and Bourjois, as well as the higher end of the highstreet brands and even Clinique and MAC –  but superbly discounted. They stock skincare, haircare, makeup, mens and fragrance.

Their customer service is great (having ordered from them before at least three times). You really can get a good haul for around £20 – £25 and when you spend as much as I do on feeding a makeup addiction, sites like this are a godsend.

ASOS – Best for a little bit of everything

When I discovered ASOS, I basically said goodbye my wages for the rest of time.

They stock some crackin’ brands and this is where I first discovered my love for NYX. The thing about ASOS, is it’s like a one stop shop for everything. Need a new blazer for work? Party shoes? Hair care? Bridesmaids dress? ASOS has got your back.

Cult Beauty – As the name suggests, some really high end and ‘cult’ brands

Their skincare range is phenomenal, and they stock the Jouer cosmetics mermaid highlighters. Enough said.

Love Makeup – Best for pro kit, American brands and unusual lipstick shades

Love Makeup is another firm favourite and a lot of the blue lip shades that I wrote this post about are from there. they stock Lime Crime, Z Palettes, SugarPill and some mad airbrushing tools that look a little frightening. Some really unusual brands are stocked on here – it’s a babe.


Beauty Bay – Best for stocking up on Makeup Geek

I think I’ve used Beauty Bay twice and both times I was really rather disappointed with their customer service – the first time I actually complained. They must go through thousands of orders a day and far be it from me to take those experiences and tell you that it’s always pretty bad.

Their brush range is incredible, and that Anastasia Beverly Hills range their Makeup Geek selection is the thing of dreams.

Cocktail Cosmetics – Hard to get hold of, quirky brands – Jeffree Star, Sugarpill, Violet Voss and Milani 

I have only ever ordered a Jeffree Star lipstick from this site, although they do stock some brands which are hard to get elsewhere.

Their site is an extension of their shop which is in Sutton Coldfield, in the Midlands. If you live near to the shop, it’d be worth taking a road trip to get there…

Space NK – The sale is epic

There are some truly beautiful products on Space N.K, sadly they all come with eyewatering price tags. However, the sale is beyond amazing. I managed to pick myself up a Laura Mercier lipgloss, some Shu Uemura eyelashes and a Lipstick Queen lipgloss for £14.50.

They heavily discount their stock around sale time, some items are reduced by 75% – you really can get some brilliant bargains. Bear in mind that during peak sale times, delivery may take a little longer, and costs £4.

If you guys have any other favourite internet makeup havens, make sure you let me know. Because we all know what I *really* need is more excuses to spend money online….






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