Charlotte Tilbury: On The Prowl


Whenever you spot a smudgey, smokey eye on a red carpet or on the catwalk, then you can almost bet money that Charlotte Tilbury – the undisputed Queen of Rock and Kohl – has created it. If there’s one thing Charlotte knows, it’s how to smudge and blend her way to eyeliner perfection. I’ve long lusted after Charlotte Tilbury products – the combination of Art Deco and Old Hollywood in her packaging, and the contemporary take on classic glamour is beauty Nirvana.

Before I commit to spending a huge amount on products, I like to dip my toe into the brand by just purchasing a small item and the ‘Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise‘ duo I spied on Net-a-Porter seemed like the perfect way to introduce myself to Charlotte. The set includes the coveted ‘Rock ‘N’ Kohl’ eyeliner in ‘Supernova’ and a complementing shimmery plum shadow.

LOOK AT THAT EYESHADOW… it’s straight out of the Great Gatsby.

The shadow itself is more subtle than I expected it to be, I needed to build it up quite a bit for it to be as dark as I wanted it. That’s not a bad thing though, the shadow is so smooth it makes the shadow easy to blend, it’s also far more purple than I expected it to turn out – it’s quite a light pigment as I was expecting the colour to be deep, rich and bronze’y. Used with the darker eyeliner, it creates such a beautiful depth to the eyes that I don’t think would be easily achieved should the shadow be darker, so it being lighter than I thought is a blessing in disguise – Charlotte really knows her stuff huh!

I feel the real star of the show here is the eyeliner. The buttery formula makes it the easiest eyeliner to smudge out that I’ve ever used (I was a proper little emo kid in the mid 00’s – I’m no stranger to eyeliner). It has a beautiful royal purple glitter in it and blends so smoothly it’s unreal – at £29, the set is well worth the investment for Charlotte Tilbury products. Use with lashings of black mascara and a slick of black kohl on the lower lash line… finish with black leather, unkempt hair and a pint of snakebite and you’ve nailed it.






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