Clinique: 1,2,3 Simple Skincare Routine


Clinique Skin Care Kit for Oily Skin, £20 available online from most well know beauty websites and retailers. Cheek Pop Blusher, in Plum Pop £17.

I don’t really *do* skincare. Or at least, I didn’t until my skin changes as I got… older?

Ordinarily, I had the driest, easy to manage skin – in fact, all through my teens it was pretty good. Aside from a few larger-than-I’d-like-pores, I had no real complaints. About 6 months ago, I noticed a real change in my hormones (my bloody implant is really causing havoc #sozTMI), and at the ripe age of 24 my skin because the skin of a 16 year old. Whereas once I could get away with not washing my face all day and it being glowing and happy, now – I follow a skin care routine morning, lunch and evening. And if I don’t follow it.. I end up with spots that would rival any high school boys. Nice.

So I decide to invest in some skin care, but skin care confuses me and I get a bit lost on the FeelUnique website and in Debenhams I feel a bit flustered, so I opt for something that my Nan would tell me was a good idea and buy some Clinique.

I decide to buy a little kit for £20, that catches my eye and I decide that with this easy to follow routine, skincare will be easy. And it is. There’s a few of these beauties for different types of skin and naturally I select the one for oily to combination skin. This is a very simple way to have a skincare regime that works. You buy the three different potions in your particular permutation, apply them in the order suggested, and voila: good skin that people notice.

The unscented formulas smell a little clinical, and I like that. I feel as though they might strip enough oil from my skin to actually make a difference, and they really do make enough of a difference that people notice when my skin is recovering from a particularly terrible breakout. The soap is mild and doesn’t hurt my skin as many formulas for super oily skin do – but it makes it feel clean, the toner makes it feel facial-clean and calmed and the moisturizer is light enough for even me to wear.

Weirdly though, the skincare, the results, the price aren’t the best thing about buying a few little lotions and potions from Clinique. It’s what it represents to me. When I started taking notice of the makeup my Mum wore and the skincare that she used, it was Clinique, and I feel strangely united with all the other generations of women using their famously classic and effective products.

And so, I’m going to add these products to my absolute staples list and know that, with a brand that both my Nan and my Mum loved, my skin is in good hands.

(Also included in this picture is one of their cheek pop blushers, £17, which I have yet to try BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!)






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