I really, really hate contact forms.

You can get in touch to say hi, to recommend products or to maybe just tell me about that hilarious time your penguin escaped from the freezer and you had to go on an adventure to find him.

Alternatively, I welcome contact from independent, international and cult brands and feel passionately about promoting innovative and unusual products. Being sent press releases helps publish accurate and up to date information, and should I generously be sent any samples to review, I test them for an appropriate amount of time before writing my reviews to make sure I can bring my readers the most in depth details.

With my background in PR and Digital Marketing, any other form of collaboration would be greeted with plenty of enthusiasm. If you fancy working with me to do a social media campaign, link building or something more creative then please do get in touch.

You can find me at bryony@wonderlandbeauty.co.uk

Until then, keep sparkly xo